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Anthony Pecorella

Developer Support and Quality Assurancesince Oct. 2008

Anthony joined Kongregate as Phoenix00017 in April of 2007 and impressed us so much that we decided to hire him. His primary function at Kongregate is to support developers as they work on integrating our APIs into their games. He helps them with technical details of the integration, revenue optimization, and providing a fun experience for players. He also picks up quality assurance responsibilities when time allows, identifying issues with browser compatibility, logic flow, or unusual edge cases.

He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Wake Forest Univeristy, earning degrees in Math and Computer Science. He continued on to earn his Master's degree in Mathematics at Wake, writing a thesis on algebraic modeling of biological signaling pathways. While there, he started up Retina Software, a cross-platform gaming company that created a game engine to help bring games natively to Windows, Linux, and Mac. The team won two grants and a business plan competition, and had a successful working prototype of the technology.

Anthony was able to put his skills to further use with CellCraft, a recently-released game that uses immersion in a cellular simulation to teach cellular biology to gamers. He was a finalist in the Digital Media and Learning Competition and received a grant backed by the MacArthur Foundation to develop the game.

Outside of the gaming world, Anthony is interested in movies, philosophy, and bowling, was at one point an accomplished tubist, and has an unhealthy obsession with catching Frisbees. You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, his slightly-neglected Personal Blog, and his newly created Gaming Blog.